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Welcome on Izzy Stradlin On Tour. This site is a concert almanac of Izzy Stradlin solo concerts - from 1992 till today. Here You can find all the information about his shows, including setlists, reviews, tickets, photos, articles, interviews etc. I built this site to make a base where someone who wants to find something about Izzy's shows could find it quickly and easy.

Izzy Stradlin began his solo career after leaving Guns N' Roses in late 1991. He made a new band calling it Izzy Stradlin and the Ju Ju Hounds and in late 1992 they started the world tour which finished at the end of 1993. During one year they travelled the whole world, playing gigs in many countries including USA, France, Germany, Holland, England, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico. The tour finished in Japan and some times later the band had splitted. The Ju Ju Hounds discography: Pressure Drop EP, Ju Ju Hounds, Ju Ju Hounds Live EP.

In 1994 Izzy decided to travel the world - he visited England, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Carribean, Sweden and Denmark where he joined his friends from Aerosmith during Roskilde Festival.

Since 1993 Izzy hasn't been doing a lot with music bussines but he found a time to join his old friends from Guns N' Roses on stage in Las Vegas and Chicago, that was 1995.

In 1998 after releasing his second solo album 117°, Stradlin wanted to go on tour but after making several interviews with american journalists he decided to quick everything and go to Hawaii. The problem was that american journalists always asked questions about drug problem. Izzy wasn't interested in releasing anything in Europe and especially in USA. That's why his next album called Ride On [1999] was released in Japan only.

In 2000 Izzy and his old friends Rick Richards, Duff McKagan and Taz Bentley played a small tour in Japan - because the cd was released only in this country.

After releasing another album, trough Sancutary Records called River [2001], Izzy was talking about tour in USA, Europe and Japan - everything in about one month. But it never happened, probably because of Stradlin's personal reasons.

In August 2003 Izzy planned to make tour starting in Mexico, then Mississipi and finishing in Chicago, and maybe also Memphis and St. Louis but from unknown reasons it also never happened.

But during last years Izzy made a lot of guest apperances with his friends from Guns N' Roses and their new bands - Adler's Appetite, Camp Freddy and Velvet Revolver. But the fans are still waiting for his solo tour which could include songs, that haven't been played live before because they were realesed after his last tour. Albums released after Japan 2000 Tour: River [2001], On Down The Road [2002] and Like a Dog [2005].

In 2005 the Coyotes Club in Cartersville, GA claimed Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin would play a show there (04.22.2005). The show was even advertised on a local radio station and the club claimed they had a signed contract with Axl. On that day 400 fans came to Coyotes to see Izzy and Axl who never came. It turned out to be a hoax . Also in 2005 the rumour said that Izzy gonna join Adler's Appetite show in Buenos Aires, Roxy Bar (april 2005) as a guest but it never happened. The information about this concert came from Gilby Clarke who played with Tracii Guns in Roxy Bar, Buenos Aires (12.18.2004) . Probably the main reason of not playing the show by Adler's Appetite was band's singer Jizzy Pearl, who left the band at this time. In December 2005 there were some rumours about Izzy's performance on Rock The Boat festival in april 2006 but it was unconfirmed. Later Izzy sent an email to the fans: BULLSHIT!..............sorry,izzy stradlin is not playing this gig....please pass it on to other fans,thanks.....jo jo

In 2006 Izzy joined his friend Axl Rose and his band Guns N' Roses on many shows in USA and Europe. For me it was something incredible to see him twice in Warsaw and Manchester. It was awesome to see that he is playing and having a great fun. That was really a great experience after many years of waiting. But I still believe to see him on his solo show... someday.

In an interview with TuneCore in late 2006 Stradlin said when asked if he would do solo tour dates: "For my own stuff, if this things takes off [referring to iTunes] and people start pulling the downloads off the net then yeh maybe I'll go out and do some shows to back it up. Until now I've never had a format to tour on, cos if I went to Japan I'd have to play the record that was released there, if I went to Europe I'd have to play the record that was released there. It's all been splintered y'know. But this oughtta make it worldwide, make it global. Lets see what happens."

In 2007 Stradlin released another solo album titled Miami. In july 2007 together with Duff McKagan, he joined Steven Adler and his band on the concert called the 20th Anniversary celebration show for release the Guns N' Roses album Appetite For Destruction. Subsequent years have been very busy for Izzy and his band. in 2007 Stradlin released another solo album titled Fire, the acoustic album. Every next year brought us another record - in 2008 Concrete, 2009 Smoke and Wave of Heat in 2010. All those albums had been released trough itunes.

The 2012 year brought another shows from Izzy with his friends from Guns N' Roses but the unexpected guest apperance on Aerosmith show was a pearl of the year - same like 18 years before at Roskilde Festival together they did Mama Kin.


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