Legia Stadium, Warsaw, Poland
June 15 2006

I get up around seven, I get up from bed around... eight.

At 10 a.m. I was sitting in Warsaw metro and going to the Warsaw Okecie Airport to meet my friend Lukas there and waiting for guys from Guns N' Roses. We didn't know when will they arrive and if they really arrive at this day. We knew we had a chance like one in a million but we thought 'why shouldn't we try'. There were two flights from Prague at 11:35 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. but nothing happened. After about four hours of waiting we hit with the bus to Legia Stadium. At 3 p.m. we met our other friends and we went into the stadium. At this moment only about 20% of the stadium was full of people but there was five hours left to the main concert so we knew it's normal situation. But the news weren't so great. One of our friend was told that 13,000 from 25,000 tckets are still available to buy - it wasn't a good thing. Anyway we went to the first sector and stand just before the stage in the center (a little bit of the left). The weather was cool but it was a little bit to warm so all we needed was water - never enough. We just sit on the ground and all we had to do was waiting.

The first support started to play at about 4p.m. 650 North - young guys from Indiana played a raw, fast rock. They were cool but nothing special. I was sitting before the stage - was very warm. I just stand up for a moment once to see how do they look like and after that sit again to keep my energy for Guns N' Roses. At this time I thought it will be five hours of waiting for Guns N' Roses. I even didn't get up to see next support Kobranocka - I was sitting and the people standing before me just made a big wall and I couldn't see the band. After that happened something really terrifying - the whole sky were full of clouds and at about 5 p.m. there was a heavy rain - for about 20 minutes. I had a bad feeling - the rain was so heavy that I thought the concert can be cancelled. The crew were taking the stuff from the stage because of rain. But after 20 minutes there wasn't rain the hope came back - we all were wet but happy it was over. And when another polish support get on the stage - Oddzial Zamkniety - everything was just alright. It was about 6p.m. and the sector before the stage was full of fans so this band was the real first support of the day. They made a really cool show. But they were nothing when we compare them to the next guy who entered the stage - Sebastian Bach. He just smashed all the supports - people went crazy. He was waving his mickrophone, he was just like a beast - looking with his devil's eyes at the fans and smiling to them when someone sang a song with him. He played some Skid Raw songs but also the stuff from his solo discography. His guitarplayer was a polish guy so he translated everything to the fans what Sebastian wanted. Really great show, at this time all the fans knew the Guns N' Roses are coming. Sebastian Back finished his show just after 8p.m. and the GNR crew hit the stage to make clean. My friend Andy started to scream Guns N' Roses so the whole stadium continued. We all thought GNR will hit the stage at about 9:30 but they did it a hour before. At this moment You felt really big squeeze cause everybody wanted to be closer the stage.

I saw Dizzy first - everybody went nuts - he just sit on the left site of the stage just before his keyboards. Brain with his headphones on the top was looking really cool. Me and all the fans were very suprised the band came on the stage so early. In one moment we heard the Welcome To The Jungle short intro riff and all the fans were screaming like beasts - me too of course !!!

In one moment I saw him - he was standing upturned to the fans in the middle of the stage and drinking something I think. Then he get out to the fans - the Welcome to the Jungle intro riff was still playing - that were seconds. Axl standed just at the beginning of the stage just before our heads. I went crazy, I don't remember if I ever screamd so much in my whole life. I fucked up my throat in couple seconds !!! I couldn't believe I see him. My friend Lukas threw his Guns N' Roses flag just before Axl's legs. Rose just looked at the flag and wanted to lift it up but he stopped and didn't do it (maybe because besides of the GNR skull there were also picutres of old members of the band - I don't know)... too bad.

Anyway Axl was looking really great - his brown leather, dark glasses, blue jeans - he was like a God !!! I think I couldn't believe this is a reality. I grabbed a hand of my friend - we both couldn't believe it !!! Suddenly Axl screamed: "Who know where the fuck You are !!!" and the whole band started to play Welcome to the Jungle. We started to jump and sing the song with Axl. I was standing just before the stage but a little bit on the left so I couldn't see what's goin on on the right side of the stage so I didn't see Tommy very well. The fans were pushing so hard that I was feeling like a wave on the see - going left, right but still screaming and singing. I really couldn't believe in this everything and remember screaming to my friend and looking at Axl: "My God this is like a movie !! This is like a movie !!". I was watching this guy for last couple years only in tv so it was a big shock for me. Probably after the Jungle, Rose said sth like: "We've got a great crowd tonight" and the reaction of fans was electric.

Then they played It's So Easy and Mr. Brownstone without any break. I think I concentrate most of all at this what do I see and not what do I hear. It was an experience I had never before - just like I wrote before, it was a big shock for me.

I don't remember the exactly moments of the show - I just remember some situations - the reaction of the fans on Live And Let Die was very enthusiastic. I think during this song we saw the fireworks blow for the first time which was an incredible effect (after every blow the wave of warm air was around). I think it was during Live and Let Die when I realized that I don't feel very well. From the beginning the weather wasn't very well - it was very sticky and I just knew I must calm down for a moment and stop jumping and singing. Before Better Axl said that we are very bad 'cause we were downloading this song from the internet. Because I don't have an internet at home I had no possibility to download it so I really didn't this song very well - I just heard it once somewhere. So during this and all new songs the crowd was very "calm".

But after that everybody went crazy because the band started to play Bob Dylan's Knockin' On Heaven's Door. The performance wasn't very good. While the band played a new version of the song, all the fans were singing the older one from UY II what was a little bit funny.

I never liked Robin Finck - just becuase of his image. But today he looks just great - with his white pants and red socks as someone realized that were colours of polish flag. In my opinion he was the best guitarplayer of the evening - he was everywhere, running from left into the right, he was just great and his solo was really cool. And when in one moment he started to play the intro of Sweet Child O'Mine all the fans went crazy (yes again but which time this evening?). Dizzy Piano Solo was probably the most boring moment of the show - maybe Axl just needed a longer break. The Blues was cool (Andy and me were singing the Rio 2001 part "OK Nevermind" which was really funny).

You Could Be Mine was always my favourite GNR song so that's why I was so angry at Brain who tottaly fucked up the drumby intro. Most of the fans didn't know what song did the band play because of his mistake. I screamed so much that one guy standing before me told me to stop yelling and I just told him to shut up. I think many people were waiting for that song - after calm audience during The Blues we all were like back to living during You Could Be Mine. After that one the whole band left the stage and Ron had his solo on Bumblefoot Guitar with the wings. It was the song that Guns N' Roses didn't play for about thirteen years. Ron started to play Don't cry as a solo and he waved to the fans to sing the song, what we made - really cool moment of the show, we all were like Axl's voice just for couple minutes.

The guitars on Chinese Democracy weren't so heavy like it should be but the performance of the song was really great. But like always it was unreleased song so some of the fans were just standing.

Later on, Axl sit on his piano and started to play an intro which led into November Rain - probably this song got the biggest ovation from the fans. Richard played the first solo I think, then Ron and Robin played the closing one.

Funny thing - during the introducions I saw Tommy for the second time on that show just becuase of mines bad view from the right side of the scene. Fortus' solo wasn't anything special but his duet with Robin was something amazing. Not many people knew it was Beautiful, originally performed by Aguillera (maybe Fortus was the guy who wrote the music of that song?).

That was the worst moment of the show... the band started to play Out Ta Get Me and I don't know why but I got wrong and thought it was Think About You. I just was talking to myself "Hey where's Izzy??". I looked at one of my friends with a bad face but he probably didn't know what I'm thinking about. But later I realized it was Out Ta Get Me and everything was alright... what a dumb ass.

Before next song Axl said something like: "I would like to introduce You a friend of the band..." and everybody thought it was about Stradlin so we started the Izzy chant. But Rose said we could see him before and we all realized it was Sebastian Bach, who entered the stage to sing My Michelle. This one was also one of the best performance of the evening - Axl singing one line and Sebastian other - great stuff.

At last this happend... "We would like to introduce You a friend of the band... mr. Izzy Stradlin". I couldn't believe... I was screaming, smiling, jumping, waving in one moment. I don't remember if it was at this moment (maybe not ) but I remember me as the one who started one of Izzy chants this evening, but it could be after Think About You which was the first song played by Izzy. He looked great with his old hat, black leather or jeans, dark glasses, he waved to the fans just to say welcome. I didn't hear it but some of the fans sitting in other sectors said Izzy said "Hi" to the mickrophone. After greeting Stradlin looked at Brain and they both started the song. Oh and he played the guitar solo just like he did on original version of Think About You.

During Patience one girl standing next to me was crying with heavy tears... I can understand that. A great moment while the vocal part "I sit here on the stairs cause I rather be alone..." when Axl came to Izzy and they were smiling together. Then someone threw a polish flag with Guns N' Roses logo on it into the stage. Axl grabbed it and covered himself what was really nice.

Nightrain - absolutely the best moment of the show - I don't know why and how but this band played this song with so big enthusiasm like no other song from the set. The intro "Loaded like a freightrain..." was singing twice by the fans cause Axl told us to sing it again. I think there was a little confusion cause Izzy wanted to play the solo and he looked at Richard, Ron or Robin and didn't do it but I can be wrong. After that the whole band left the stage. We all knew it wasn't the end of the show so we started to the Guns N' Roses chant.

I was very suprised while I heard the keyboard intro of Madagascar cause I thought this song was dropped from the tour set. It was always my favourite new song and the same thing happened this night. Like always during playing the new songs the fans were just standing and watching the show and I think I was the only one around (near to me) who was singing this song: "I won't be told anymore..." while the Martin Luther King speech was really cool. A woman, about 50 from the crowd asked me what's the song... she also told me she's GNR fan since 1986 so she should stand in the first raw... I said yeah but it was a bullshit.

I.R.S. was quite good - I heard that song about three times before so I didn't know it very well, maybe except the chorus. I could see Axl was doing one's best of his vocals.

We all knew it was coming to the end of the show when Robin started to play the intro which led into Paradise City. Izzy was back on the stage and all the fans behaved like the show just began - we all were jumping and singing. Some fans threw the flag "Axl take us to the Paradise City" which Axl took and were showing to the fans. He also started to running trough the whole stage for couple times which was incredible. Myself, I wasn't looking at Axl or other bandmates - I was looking at Izzy. That's why I didn't see how Axl throw the mickrophone into the crowd at the end of the song and many other situations on the show which were later told me by my friends. At the end of Paradise City the serpentine was blow into the air and we all feel amazing. But it was the end... they all stand in line and leaned to say goodbye. Brain, Dizzy, Chris, Tommy, Ron, Richard, Robin, Axl and Izzy left the stage, the lights were put out and we all knew it was over. I couldn't believe, I felt like it was half an hour but in fact the show last two hours and fifteen minutes.

We all just leave the sector and the guys from stadium crew gave us the tickets back (they took it when we were getting into the sector). I called my bro and my pop to say everything is alright and we hit for GNR metteing... it was 11p.m. and the fans meeting ended at 5a.m.

About thirteen years ago polish media started a rumour that Axl said "I won't play for Jewish and Polish people...". Nobody believe it from the fans but it was sad hear from people some shit like "why you listen a guy who doesn't play for polish...". I think this concert was a proof that this rumour was only a bullshit...

Shame... that only half of the stadium was full... even Axl said something while looking at the crowd that they made Budapest full... but in Budapest were about 11,000 of fans and here in Poland... 12,000. I think we were a very good crowd, we had a fun, we were singing, screaming, jumping... everything. I felt shame because of half stadium was empty but I was proud of our public.

I think this concert was the best one that I was ever and I will ever be... couldn't be better - thank You Axl, Robin, Ron, Richard, Tommy, Dizzy, Chris and Sebastian.

And after about 6 years of waiting I met my hero - it was a great experience. My friends told that his visit in Poland was like winning one million dollars. I just can say my dream came true... I won't forget that till the end of my life. Thank You Izzy.

Michal Klimek

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