Prague, Czech Republic, Sazka Arena
June 13, 2006



Axl and boys were almost an hour late but the gig was definitely worth waiting. During the technical preparations you could clearly hear the technician going: "Richard's guitar..OK, Robin's guitar...OK, Izzy's guitar...OK" so there were big expectations in the air. The setlist was different from the one that was spotted by a fan on some piece of paper somewhere on stage: Axl and boys skipped over "Izzy songs" so we almost lost our hopes, but suddenly here he comes, Mr. Izzy Stradlin in his typical hat! After TAY he was about to leave the stage but Axl stopped him and Izzy started to play Patience (and fucked it up a bit). A great chemistry especially between him and Richard. Not to mention that watching Izzy and Axl side by side during Paradise City is a dream come true for a GNR fan in 2006.


by Rayno


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