Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain
September 9th 2004

Here's the review by spanish fan named Zesotar

Ok. Two days before the show I had the notice that one radio program was going to give 4 VIP passes If you send the tickets scanned. I send the ticket, and the same day, in Madrid I call to my girlfriend to check my e-mail. She called me 5 minutes after. And give me one telephone number. I call and a woman (who go with the band in Madrid and here, Marisol) told me that I won the fucking VIP pass.

After eating and buying some cds, we (a friend and me) went to the venue Razzmatazz. There was few people waiting in the queue, and we saw 3 of the Backyard Babies boys and the drummer teching in the street!!! We received a call from the people of the program and they told me that I have to go to the back part of the venue at 20:00. I was very nervous!!! waiting and waiting the man that we (about 10 very nice people) followed was calling in the cell every time. Finally we went to the main gate and waited again, Backyard Babies started the show, "Fuck I wanna see them, but don't worry tomorrow I can...." waiting...a van parked quickly. I only heard the screams of a group of girls, they told me that Dave and Duff were on the van and then went inside the roomshow. Waitin and Waiting, the man we followed told us that we have to wait till the whole band was inside. I recogniced songs of the backyard babies show, and I hear the people screaming in every song´s end...... Finally the same van came again and Matt Sorum, Slash and Perla were there. Slash and Perla went inside and Matt salute to us and followed Slash´s family. I was almost crazy, nervous and many more things. Finally Marisol, tell us that we could go inside and wait till the band come to us. We went inside and waited. A bold man seated was there with an electronic machine, doing his things, I look to that man..... I crouched and I recognized that man. It was Dave, and I said to him "Dave sign me please";...He signed me and another guy with us gave something to Dave to sign, the rest of people ignored him. I asked him " Izzy will be here tonight" and he told me "Maybe" and went inside the backstage. Later Slash, Duff, Dave and Matt came with us, I gave the edding to Matt, he signed me and I asked him If they were going to play Mr. Brownstone, he told me that maybe, nobody knows….Matt stole my edding and I run to Slash to ask him an authograph and take a photo with him, I was with God taking a Photo!!!! Incredible!!!! (The pic) Then Duff signed me and he took a photo with me. People ignored Dave. I feel very sad because of that, he's another member of the band and the fuckin man.

We went inside the venue, I lost my friends but the people were very nice, I talked with many guys. AC/DC was the last band in the amplifiers. The lights fade out, people start screaming, Matt came and aimed to us with a center light, screams louder, Duff came to the front of the scene, and started to play Sucker train blues, the light fade in, and the whole band was there, Scott was looking at the back of the stage, and when the intro went to the main riff the lights blinked as flashes and madness began. Sucker train blues shocked me;.. Scott saluted to us, How are you Barcelona!!!! We are Velvet Revolver!!!! Do it for the kids began and the whole crew were jumping. Spectacle was superb. In Cracckerman many STP fans start screaming and the crew react weel to that song. Ilegal I song with the talk box solo, and Big Machine all the crew jumping again. Fall to pieces very good each day i like more and more this song. In this 3 songs I take a little break, stop Jumping because the rest of the songs were fucking classics.

Set me free i sang this song with my whole soul, and jumping embraced my friend, fucking good, but in the solos Dave and Slash were confused, the two playing the same riff and nobody doing the solo, both they smiled. They went to the backstage, and my friend and I start screaming Izzy Izzy, people look at us strranged, we were very excited. The band minus Slahs came to scene, and Scott in the mic, watching towards said: We have a guest, probably you may recognieced him. Mr. Izzy Stradlin!!! Slash and Izzy came to the scene and the public start screaming until more not being able. Izzy was there. They play Used to love her, i take photos and sang like all the public the complete song.

The song ended and the crew screamed: Izzy Izzy!!!!! It´s so easy began and the crew went nuts, mad and crazy me too, I lost my friend. Fuck 90% of Guns N roses playing It's so easy!!! And Slash doing solos like Satan!!! Too much for my body. Izzy said. Thank you and went out of the scene. I didnt like Slither very much I don´t know why, Sex type thing was good. And Negative creep fucking good, Dave blow up this song, he is the man, Scott threw himself to the public. All the song was a madness.

And this is the end of my first contact with Velvet Revolver.

The review and photos used with permission of Zesotar

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