The Edge, Fort Laudedale, FL
March 11th, 1993

Here's a part of interview taken from Metal CD Vol. 1 No. 12, 1993 - Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog by Malcolm Dome

Yet, despite his relief at being out of the GN'R psycho-circus, Izzy amazingly agreed to return in May to play five dates with the band (including the two gigs at the Milton Keynes National Bowl), standing in for his successor, Gilby Clarke, who had broken his arm. It would seem strange to many that, having been cured of his 'affliction', he would voluntarily re-admit himself to the insane asylum...

"Well Axl was the one who called me and asked if I would do it. I was home working on my bikes when I got the call. I thought about it for a couple of days, and then said that I'd do it for those five dates. Why did I go back? Well, I just saw it as a free holiday, really. I got to go to countries like Israel and Greece where I'd never been before."
But Izzy's return to the ranks was never likely to be made permanent; and he found things unchanged since he'd first walked out.

"We never talked about me returning full-time to GN'R. And, quite frankly, it wouldn't be something that I'd consider in the slightest. Honestly, nothing had changed. Going back into the band was a strange and uncomfortable experience on the whole. It was cool in a way to be able to step back into comething I'd left behind and to judge whether anything had improved, but I just found that it hadn't. It made me realise why I was glad to get out in the first place.
"The band's egos are way out of control. Axl and Slash had the same attitude towards me as they did before I left, and there is a feeling of unreality about them. They lead isolated lives and don't seem to be in touch anymore with the real world. I spent all my time hanging out with the roadies. You know how many times i saw any of the band offstage? Once, that was Slash in London!

"But it was wasier to get up onstage with GN'R and do a two-hour set than to do a two-hour stint with the Ju Ju Hounds. All I had to do with Guns was play guitar on a set of songs I knew already. With my own band, I have the added pressure of singing as well. But if you ask me which one I prefer, there's no contest - the Ju Jus have so much more fun!"


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