Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece
May 24th, 1993

Here's a letter of an unknown GN'R fan from Greece who met Izzy in Athens, one day before the show.

"...well as i said that was the best experience of my life!

i met Izzy!!! the day before the show . i went to the hotel to give a

bouquet of roses to the band on behalf of the GnR greece fan club!! in

the lobby I saw Izzy...he was so cool...i introduced my self to him...he

was like "wow i didnt know there is a fan club here in Greece!!!!" . i

said "you 'll be surprised when u see the venue tomorrow ...we expect

over 50000 fans"... so we chatted a little and when i asked him about

his reunion with Gnr he said "dont expect me back in the band.....at

least this time.."..i said to him that

he is always a GnR member to our heart...he smiled....i couldn't believe

that i was actually chatting with him...

so suddenly the bodyguards showed up...izzy said that it was ok with

me...he invited me to go upstairs....but the bodyguards said no way!!!!

so izzy said to me that he can call bill baily , who is axl's brother

and he takes care of fans etc, and that he can give me

autographs!! bill was in the lobby too...so izzy asked him if he can

give me some autographs...he said " give me five min to go upstairs ..."

and he went to the rooms!!! while i was waiting i gave a look to

izzy...he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt(at this time - may- in greece

it is 30 C!) and he was lookin like....tired... when i asked him about

his life outside GnR he said "i miss the fun , the energy , the fans

but....i'm more relaxed right now"!!!!..it was awasome...i have to tell

u that in the hotel there was no sign of other fans!!! izzy said "it's

the first time that no fans showed up in the hotel!!" and i told him the

truth: the managers of the BMG(the company of GnR in Greece) said to

people that GnR would stay in Hilton hotel ...but they stayed in

Intercontintal hotel!!!!".


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