The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN
February 23rd, 1993

I was at the 2.23.93 show in Indy. I was a student at Indiana University at that time and was really in heaven at that moment cos, the Juju Hounds album (which I bought upon hearing at the HMV shop in Singapore in December of 92) was still fresh and awesome to me AND Keith Richards Main Offender album were the news of the day.

I still listen to Main Offender (more than the Jujus) but I can recall both those CDs being on my player constantly that whole period. Great stuff, but now I realize pretty rare.

Having bought the CD in Singapore, I went back to Bloomington for the 93 Spring semester and found out about the tour and promptly went and got tickets for the Indy show (my last show in Indy was going to see Living Color on the second album tour - also rockin).

I got two of my friends J. and C. to join me and C. agreed to drive - we had a great time driving up and down listening to the album all the way.

At the show I was really into it and we got to the front row and I think I was standing in front of Jimmy Ashhurst the whole time and thought it was funny the way he was trying to pull chicks from the stage. I was so into the band and the music. They must have noticed how nuts I was, when Chalo Quintana walked off the stage he handed me his broken sticks. I wish I had kept it. Anyhow for a drummer who thought he was amazing, this was a high compliment.

We drove back in a joyful state. The specifics elude me but I think they played the whole album, including Pressure Drop - I recall the reggae bit at the end because I had not seen many people doing the reggae one drop thing and thought it was really cool.

Anyway just thought I’d to you and keep rocking


San Francisco

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