The Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
December 18th, 1992

This is a short part of Rockline '93 where Bob Coburn asked about the concert in Ireland

B - Bob Coburn
I - Izzy Stradlin
R - Rick Richards
J - Jimmy Ashhurst

B: Tell us about what you remember about the show. What was it like playing over there? What stands out in your mind? Anybody? Rick?
I: Tanks...
R: That was, uh--
B: Tanks!? Whoa...
R: Uh, tanks? It was uh, it was a new club as I recall. Uh, brand new club, I think they hadn't even plastered the walls yet. But it was a great crowd, and it was a great evening, as I, as I recall.
I: That was Dublin, I was thinking of...
J & R: Belfast.
I: Belfast, sorry.
B: Belfast, yeah. Northern Ireland would be where the tanks are. Dublin should be OK.
I: That one was great.
B: They hadn't even plastered the walls yet?
R: Nah they were in the process of just getting the club together, so...
B: How can you write graffiti on no plaster? I mean come on!
R: Had to chisel it in...


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