Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland
December 12, 1992

Here's a short review of the show by scottish fan nicknamed Rumba

I was attending the concert with my cousin (Bobby) and friend (Paul), as usual we had all arranged to get the day off for the concert so we could indulge in alcohol abuse (Scottish pastime) before the show. We met up about lunchtime, and headed for Glasgow, grabbed some food and spent the day people watching in the upstairs bar within the Central station. As the day progressed we headed out towards the Barras and visited many pubs on the way there. The barras is situated towards the east of the city and not in a very desirable area, this made no difference to us as we would drink anywhere there was beer. The concert venue is world famous (I’m led to believe) for being small enough for an intimate gig but with a great sound system. We arrived at the venue approx 8pm, and headed straight for the bar, beer in had we settled down to chat and watch the support act. I can’t remember who they were except that they were a local Glasgow band, they did not capture our attention. At 8.45ish Charlie started a small drum roll as the rest of the band entered the stage and kicked off with Bucket O’ Trouble, he stormed through the rest of the set with very little interaction with the crowd. My guess was that the majority of the crowd (possibly about 1000) had not heard the album by this point as not many people were singing along with the songs. The set listing is Bucket O’ Trouble, Cuttin’ The Rug, Walkin’ The Wrong Highway, Crackin’ Up, take your Sorrow, Just a Fool, Shuffle It All, Somebody Knockin’, Take a Look At The Guy, Train Tracks, Been a Fix, Pressure Drop, Highway 49, Wipe out, Pills, Goodnight Tonight. (This setlist comes from The Lonely Rose bootleg - Rumba thought it's from Barrowlands but in fact it's Barcelona - m_klimek)

Izzy and crew were dressed all in black, played numerous different guitars, rick stuck with mainly Gibson les Pauls and Izzy with 335s, les Pauls and a telecaster. They were pretty static on the stage, very little movement from any of them, Rick strutted the stage a couple of times bur Izzy must have not moved more than a few feet from the centre.

The show lasted approx 1 hour 20 minutes. My group left the venue on a high as we had just seen an absolutely brilliant show, however in the pub later on we were talking to others who were not impressed, they were expecting Guns N’ Roses and did not know any of the songs that he played.

The next day we headed out to the Barras market, (again I am led to believe this is world famous) the market was and possibly still is the hub for much illegal activities, anything you want you get find here. The main reason that we went there was to pick up bootlegs, tapes (those things that hiss when you play them), records (circular black things) and videos. Every concert that gets played within the barras venue is recorded and is then sold on cassette tape in the market thee next day, leave it a couple of weeks and if there is enough demand it would also appear on vinyl. So off to the market we headed to collect our tapes. We picked up the nights before Izzy show and some other tapes from concerts at the time as well as a copy of Rock in Rio on video from 1991. The concert was just as we remembered it I listened to it in my car for years. (...)

Anyways to summarize, the show was the best £10 that I have ever spent on a concert, I just wish he would tour again and charge the same for the ticket.