Nottingham Rock City, Nottingham, England
December 9th 1992

Here's a short part of the article taken from METAL CD Vol. 1 No. 12, 1993 AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A HOUND DOG by Malcolm Dome

Izzy himself faced further controversy earlier this year when the Ju Ju Hounds toured the UK, and support act the Wildhearts were removed from the brief tour after only one date.

Subsequently, the British band made all sorts of claims, including that their removal from the tour had been precipitated by the 'fact' they had blown the Ju Ju Hounds offstage AND outsold them in the merchandising stakes. Izzy takes all of this in his stride.

"Oh, of course they did better than us in Leeds [it was in Nottingham]. They wiped the floor with us," he states sardonically. "No, what happened was that I never knew who was going to support us in the UK until I got there. Then I was told it was to be the Wildhearts, whom I had never heard of before. But when I met them I recognised their singer (Ginger) as somebody who had slagged me off in the press a couple of years earlier, which didn't endear him to me. And when I heard their music I realised they were totally unsuitable to support the Ju Jus. The booking agent had made a big mistake. So I had them removed from the bill for the remaining dates. I guess I had a beef with that singer and used their musical incompatibility as an excuse."

From The Wildhearts history

The Wildhearts are unceremoniously kicked off Izzy Stradlin's tour after the first date at Nottingham Rock City. The press speculate about the reasons for the band's ousting. Rumours include: The Wildhearts outsold Izzy on the merchandise stand; the ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist was none too pleased at the audience's lukewarm response following an amazing set from The Wildhearts; and Izzy took offence at his support band's backstage, ahem, herbal relaxation techniques, having only recently fought his own battles with substance abuse. However, Dante Bonutto recently told me that the band's ousting from the tour had something to do with an argument between Ginger and Izzy, and involved a woman. Said Dante: "I'm saying no more... except that The Wildhearts' response to this unceremonious booting-off was to print up a black and white flyer referring to Izzy Stradlin' as 'Izzy Strugglin'. Needless to say, this didn't go down well with the Izzy camp!"

Fans ask question to the leader of The Wildhearts - Ginger

Did you ever find out why Izzy Stradlin kicked The Wildhearts off his UK tour?

Ginger: "Izzy never gave us a reason for kicking us off his tour. It looked, to everyone present, that we were too much of a challenge to his more 'laid back' style. Let's face it, we were young and hot and he was playing blues. I wouldn't want to follow The Wildhearts with a blues band, would you?".


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