Oslo, Norway, Sentrum
November 18, 1992

Izzy was always my favourite in Guns. By the time the gig at Sentrum scene finally was about to materialize, I had kind of missed out on seeing Izzy with Guns three times already. So I was exited to say at leastů

We got to Sentrum scene about an hour before show time. When they started playing reggae music over the PA system I kind of sensed something was about to happened. And out of the blue, Izzy and the gang stormed the stage and ripped into Bucket O' Trouble!

Watching it, I realised Izzy played the lead guitar on the fill in's on Bucket O' T.  Fuckin amazingly cool! Next song was Cuttin' the Rug. By now it struck me how warm & tight the band sounded. Even my aunt couldn't help but jump like crazy for most of the show!

Don't remember the exact set list from here on. Songs that I remember particularly to this day are Jivin Sister Fanny, Shuffle it All, Time gone Bye and Pressure Drop.

Pressure Drop was the last song before the encore. When they started playing it, my little brother jumped on stage and ran over to Izzy's mic. He was covering a couple of the JuJu songs at the time and obviously thought singing along with Iz and the band was the most natural thing in the world. Izzy just smiled and let him sing a couple of lines with him. The security guys didn't find it quit so funny though. They threw him outů

Looking back on the gig some 15' years later, I can easily say it was one of the best gigs I ever saw. Like the JuJu record, it was such a feel good thing. And finally, after having missed out on Izzy with GNR 3 times, standing 1/2 meter from my hero wasn't too badů

Knut Ziggy Unneberg

Oslo, April 2007

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