Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany
October 2nd 1992

Well when JuJus played at the Grosse Freiheit in Hamburg I was sitting in the bar downstairs after the concert when the drummer I think it was sat down next to me also having a beer.

So I told him it was a great concert (in fact one of the better bands I have seen live my favorite conserts are Katrina and the Waves at a small outdoors concert in Sweden, Stones at the Diamond Club in Toronto and the Godfathers down in Gothenburg). Then I went on saying that I never liked Guns & Roses so much I preferred just plain and simple rock n roll like the Stones etc and that I really digged the JuJu Hounds.

He said "you got to tell Izzy that when he shows up". Much to my surprise a half our later Izzy and the rest of the band shows up in the bar downstairs so I tell him that I like the JuJu Hounds a lot and that I much prefer them over G&R eventhought it might not be politically correct and commercially not as fantastic to play the stuff the JuJu Hounds plays. He said "you really mean that?" and I said I sure do and he looked real pleased.

Then I said bet you have made your money with G&R and now you can do what ever you like! So I said touring with a band playing small conserts has to be the best way to experience rock n roll both on stage and off.


Mats Lindblom
January, 2009


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