Espace Ornano, Paris, France
September 30, 1992


Here's a short review of the show by french fan nicknamed Kik

"I remeber nothing about the second show in Elysées Montmartre except that I was disappointed that The Wildhearts that should have been present was not there.

The first concert took place in a little place called Espace Ornano that has disappeared now. Good concert, Iz with the dread locks and its Keith Richards voice style, the drummer with the maracas, the bassman with its beginning in Shuffle It All, the buttleneack on Rick Richards guitar. The problem was that the album wasn't out yet but I have bought the EP with Pressure Drop. I remember that I known only two tracks of the set. Me and the crowd we all were waiting for a guns track like Pretty Tied Up or You Ain't The First. A little bit disappointed. But it was one of my very first concert and that was great".