The Avalon, Chicago, IL
September 26, 1992 interview with Jimmy 'Two Fingers' Ashhurst (January 2008)

Q: The first Ju Ju Hounds show took place at The Avalon club in Chicago (09.23.1992). What do You remember about this show. Did you and the other guys feel a little bit nervous?

Jimmy Ashhurst: Well, sure we were a bit nervous considering the fact that there were lots of eyes and ears on us at the time - all curious to see what Izzy was going to come up with after quitting GnR. We were already in Chicago by then, I think. We had finished recording the album there after leaving Los Angeles because of the riots that were going on at the time. Izzy was thinking about using Chicago as home base for the band since he had a house nearby in Indiana. Charlie lightened the mood by showing up in the van wearing some funny- lookin Moroccan slippers...y'know, the kind that have the toes that curl up in the front? Nice. As far as the show is concerned, I remember it being pretty sloppy. I think we played all the songs super-fast partly because of the adrenaline I'm sure...but we at least got the "first show jitters" outta the way.




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