Total Acces Studios, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, CA
March 29, 1992

2005 - Eddie Ashworth Interview w.

Q: Can you please tell us something about recording Take A Look At The Guy w/ Izzy, Ron Wood & Ian McLagan?

One of the great evenings of my career. Someone had been in contact with Ronny and found out he was open to recording with Izzy. There was this big release party for Ronny's "Slip on This" album at A&M Studios one night, so we got set up at Total Access studios in advance to record a song with Izzy and Ron. Then we all went up to A&M and hung out the party for a couple of hours. It was a real Hollywood scene. Even Phil Spector was there, holding out his hand like a pistol and pretending to shoot people who pissed him off!!

Anyway, as the party was winding down, I got the word that Ron would be ready to record after the party. Charlie and I drove back to Redondo and waited, for quite a while actually. Apparently, Ron went back to his pad and decided to watch "Spartacus" in its entirety, while Izzy, Jimmy and Alan waited.

Finally, we got the call at the studio that the movie had finished and everyone was on their way down. This was sometime after midnight. Finally, the crew showed up. Ron's charming wife, Jo, helped him carry in a bewildering array of alcohol (a fifth of vodka, case of beer, some kind of expensive brandy). We were already set up with everyone else's sound, so we took a few minutes to get Ron dialed in. I believe we recorded the basic track of Ronny's "Take a Look at the Guy" live in a couple of takes. Izzy and Ron's vocal were overdubbed live simultaneously. That was kind of tricky, because they were in the same room and Izzy sings kind of quietly and Ron is loud, so there was a lot of Ron in Izzy's vocal track.

I will never forget the playback of that track after we recorded the vocals. I was sitting at the board, adjusting the faders as everyone listened. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and it was Ron, grinning like a loon with his drink swaying precariously in his hand, giving be a big thumbs up. Quite a thrill!!

Ian's keyboards were recorded a couple of weeks later during his sessions at Total Access. Kind of funny, it took him a while to remember the parts that he originated.!...".



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